What is the future?

what is the future?

scientifically we may know what the future will be….high tech devices, modernized way of living, evolution of species,etc.
But we all know that already. So lets talk about the behaviour of human beings in the future.
The present world is not a place for the kind hearted as they wouldnt be able to survive in this harsh world.
The world follows one principle…’survival of the fittest’. And so you see so much of competition between colleagues and students. This ‘competition’ has turned into a vile game which makes you or destroys you. This ‘game’ destroys evryone participating, even the winner. We become heartless, cruel and senseless, because our main goal is winning and we will do anything to win. This eradicates our common sense and prevents us from thinking about the negative impact on our fellow competitors.
So the solution? not having competitions? No. The solution is to make sure you have common sense and think about others instead of being selfish and thinking about yourself.
We tend to make ourselves hard hearted to not get trampled on and to stay on the top, the top where all the well established people are. So now, who’s fault is it? It’s the people at the top. What are their reasons for trampling on others? They feel that they deserve to be at the top till the end because they worked so very hard. Pfft! As if we didn’t work very hard.



Human’s greatest flaw….making mistakes

We as humans tend to make mistakes….a lot. But among the all your mistakes, there are few that top the list of being the gravest mistake you have ever made. And the sad thing is that we can’t undo them like how u can do on MS Word.
Till date, all my articles always have a solution for the problem brought to light in each article. But this is going to be different. I sadly don’t have a solution. Because we as humans make mistakes. Some of us even more.
I am a really hot headed person and I have made so many mistakes. I regret it. But I can’t undo them. I can only apologize and hope and pray that they forgive me…

Which clique are you in?

Everyone hates them, except the queen bitch and her posse, and the jocks.

Who creates them? The people I so very sweetly mentioned above. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Why did they create it? Its really simple. They need to put others down to feel good about themselves. In other words, they are just insecure but are good at hiding it by being a rude bitch. To survive high school is an accomplishment in itself. ย But everyone already knows that.

So why bring up this topic? I thought I would knock some sense into teens who think being famous is all there is to life.

Newsflash! It’s not! There is so much to life than high school. If you dear reader are a bully, you should suck up your own insecurities instead of hurting others to make yourself feel better. If you are neither a bully nor a person who gets bullied, know that it wont hurt you to stand up and support the people who get bullied. If you fear that your friends will leave you if you stand up for them, the sweetie, they are not your real friends. Real friends are the people who understand you and support your decision no matter what. Its your real friends who matter when you graduate from high school, not the clique you were in. If the person reading this suffers from bullying I have a special message for you. Believe in yourself no matter what you are told. Remember karma is a bitch. It may seem like the bullies are living the high life but soon they will pay for all their wrong doings. Karma will make them remember what they did to you and will make them live in guilt for the rest of their lives. Stay strong and always remember that you are not alone even though it may seem like you are alone.

Always remember this…”you reap what you sow”

If you do bad, only bad will come to you…

if you do good, only goodness and blessing come to you….

Hamlet’s and my dilemma

Hamlet’s dilemma : To be or not to be…

My dilemma : To do or not to do…

As a child we never had to make any decisions. We only had to learn itty bitty things and live in our unassailable world where everything was a fairy tale.

Now, at the prime age of 18, we all have plenty of decisions to make. We often question our purpose in life, some of us may even question our own existence. There are few who are certain about what to do in life…..but others? Not so much. Why is that so? Many have no clue as to where their talent lies in. Some of us have a whole bunch of options to choose from, but are at a loss as to what to choose. I am one of them.

So what to do now? Take some time off and think. Only when you are connected to your inner self and not with the internet, you will be able to answer your questions. You can ask your parents and close friends about what they think your talent is, because sometimes they notice things about you that you are unaware of.

But do know that the answers you seek does not come all of a sudden through magic. It takes time and self contemplation.

Always remember that we were created for a reason…

Teen’s secrets revealed #1

Hello sweet person reading this post!

howdy y’all! (always wanted to do that!)

Anyways, back to the topic! ย There wouldn’t be one teen in this world who wouldn’t have deleted their web history. But if you didn’t delete your web history…….you are an effing saint!

Some of us delete our web history because we search for unwanted things…..some of us delete it because of silly things….like stalking people, especially celebrities(nothing bad in that but few parents have a problem with that )…..or also because we are doing something when we are actually supposed to be doing something else…..wow that’s a loopy sentence!

…..I actually don’t know what other reasons there might be….well, you can help me! comment below what are the other reasons to wiping out your web history!

Between you and me, I delete my web history for safety reasons. That’s the only reason why I’m not killed yet! ๐Ÿ˜‰

okay byee! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Horrors due to mothers and their inquisitivity #1

hello lovely person reading my post! I bet seeing your phone in your mother’s hands is everyone’s horror movie. Now, i chose the word ‘movie’ because…the tension builds up…time slows down…and every effing thing goes in slow motion. And let me tell you something, if you want to know about a girl’s life or anyone’s for that matter, just check their gallery. And guess what?! My mom did exactly that! I wanted to shout out a battle cry and snatch my phone from her…but we don’t always get what we want. So anyways, she goes through my phone and mind you, i didn’t know what she was seeing as she was sitting opposite to me. And then…..i hear a sound…..and i realize she is going trough my videos! i have videos of friends doing crazy…and questionable things! The horror! And so as any helpless girl would do, i prayed that it would not be those videos that she was seeing. And….*drum roll please*….she was going through the funny videos! i felt like shouting hallelujah! Because trust me, you do not want your mother to see those questionable videos. And this, people, is one of the horrors faced by us by our parents. P.S. if you didn’t face this at all, you my dear should effing count your blessings because honey….this whole experience or whatever this is called turns you old due to extreme tension. Seriously! I aged 10 years! ย  phew! recounting that experience was tiring enough! okay bye! ๐Ÿ˜‰